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Director's Message


Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to our new web page.  A web page still in the early stages, please bare with me as I try to conquer how to do this.  Even though we are in the early stages there are some wonderful tools that are available.  Feel free to browse:  There are some great tools for the kids to use for school help, and if family history is your thing, check out the research page.  We also have audio books available on this site as well.  When you get the chance please stop by the library we have a nice selection of books, movies, and music available.  If history is your thing please come see our history room.  We have many things that we have collected from people in the community.  Many in paper form compiled by our Historical Group but, we also have many bigger items that have been donated.  Like the huge American flag that hangs behind my desk.  We also have the original safe from all those local stories, where Chase and Baldwin fought for the county seat.  Yes, it really happened and yes, we have many write ups on this story, as there are many versions.  It is a fun room to browse through and you could while away the minutes as you read many interesting stories from years past.  We have 2 desk top computers, a lap top and 6 chrome books available for your use.  Or feel free to bring your own laptop and use our WIFI.  

I hope to see you soon,

Roxanne Ware