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Library Policies and Procedures


Library Cards :

  • Please Present a Drivers License OR ID with a local or County address
  • A utility bill with the local address will also be accepted along with the ID or Drivers License

Renew at the Circulation Desk during your regular visit

  • Renew on the Phone 231-832-9511 - as a good will gesture we do not charge a late fee.  If books are a month late a replacement fee will be charged.
  • Movies - late fee is $ 1.00 per day

Lost or Damaged Items :

If an item is Lost or Damaged enough that it cannot be repaired and returned to circulation,  the Borrower  will be charged the cost of the item.    


Snow Days

If Reed City Public Schools are closed for a snow day, the Chase Township Public Library will also be closed.

Pets and Service animals in the Library

For reasons of safety, health and sanitation, no dogs or any other pet animals are permitted in the Chase Township Public Library.  This policy does not prohibit the presence of:

  1. Service animals or animals controlled by fire or law enforcement officers in the course of their duties.  The animal must    be under control of the person with direct responsibility for the animal's activities, it must be housebroken and must not        pose a direct threat to the health of safety of others.

  2. The animal must meet all State and Local health, vaccination and licensing requirements.  All vaccinations must be            current and must wear a rabies vaccination tag.

  3. All service animals must be under control at all times while present in the Library.  Barking, growling, or any thing else      that would interfere with other patrons in the Library will be asked to leave immediately.  All service animals allowed will      be at the discretion of the Library Director.